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    Your adult ego state is probably contaminated.

    Your sexual space is probably contaminated.

    Your emotional space is probably contaminated.

    Your thoughtware is probably contaminated.

    Your personal bubble of space is probably contaminated.

    Your archetypal body is probably contaminated.

    You contaminated them as a survival strategy.

    It worked. You survived.

    And now... you have 5 body contamination.

    It makes your life suck.

    And you probably don't even know what we are talking about...

  • StartOver.xyz - The game

    NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline thoughtware-upgrade personal-transformation game called StartOver.xyz. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. Please read this website responsibly. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code CONTAMIN.00 to log your Matrix Points earned at this website on the Login Page. Thank you for playing full out!

  • Contamination in 5 Body

    Preparation Steps

    It is worse than you think.

    It is not that we have not been taught to protect ourselves.

    We have been taught to not protect our space.

    We have been taught to not protect our body.

    We have been taught to not protect our attention and our thoughtware.

    We have been taught to not protect our emotional space.

    We have been taught to be available consumers to any advertisements and propaganda that would make sales go up.

    You think I am exaggerating? Please prove me wrong.

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    First things first, our 5 bodies...

    There are many system distinguishing different bodies: some distinguish 2 bodies (the physical and the mind), some distinguish 144 bodies (I will not list them here!). It depends on the purpose of the work. No system is right or wrong.


    For our purpose of evolution of consciousness, we use the system of 5 bodies:

    1. Intellectual body, that has thoughts, ideas, opinions, stories, conclusions, expectations. It is made of the mind that is itself made out of thoughtware.
    2. Physical body, that has sensations of cold, warmth, pressure, texture, etc... It is made out of organs, tissues, and liquids. 
    3. Emotional body that has feelings and emotions. It is made out of our heart.
    4. Energetic body that has perceptions at the energetic level (intention, purpose, spaces, etc...). It is made out of subtle energetic planes that lives in and around our physical body, 2-5 cm beyond it.
    5. Archetypal body that embodies archetypal forces and characters for the benefit of serving the archetypal lineage. It is made out of archetypal energy experiential distinctions.
    We use the 5 body distinction to talk about contamination and decontamination of those 5 bodies.
    We explore different kinds of contamination also, contamination of our adult ego state or contamination of a gameworld.
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    Second, Experiential Reality

    Shift from Verbal Reality to Experiential Reality

    Contamination can only be experienced in Experiential Reality. Experiential Reality is the realm of being in the experience of things, instead of "being" in the naming of things. You might understand in your mind that one of your 5 bodies or your adult ego state is contamination because you have symptoms that matches the description.

    You cannot do anything about it until you can experience your contamination - which you are right - might be painful. However, pain is only feelings and emotions, mostly emotions

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    Third, 4 Feelings and 4 Emotions

    Anger, Fear, Sadness and Joy

    Pain is the experience that we have when instead of expressing and experiencing our feelings, we keep them inside of us. The results of suppressing and stuffing our feelings and emotions is pain. The moment you learn to express and experience your feelings, the sensation of pain will vanish. Amazing no?

    There's a lot to learn about feelings and emotions that modern culture doesn't teach about. You can start this journey by reading the 4 Feelings Bubble and the 4 Emotions Bubble. Please read both as one without the other will get you stuck.

  • Physical Body Contamination

  • Past Experiences Contaminates Our Physical Body



    EXPERIMENT DECONTAM.01: Place Yourself in The Present by Minimizing Your Now.

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    Physical Space Contamination: Having All The Stuff





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    Reclaim Your Real Voice





  • Intellectual Body Contamination

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    What is Thoughtware?

    Thoughtware is what you use to think with.

    The way you think is not random.

    You think in repeated patterns shaped by how you perceive the relationships between things as described by your Thoughtmaps.

    Your set of Thoughtmaps is your Thoughtware. You could think before you went to school, so you derived your present Thoughtware largely from your parents before you went to school.


    Where did your parents get their Thoughtware? From their parents. You have received Western civilization’s Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S.H.I.T.) that has been passed down to you from generation to generation for thousands of years.


    You are using very old Thoughtware. Newer versions of Thoughtware exist. You have the option of upgrading your Thoughtware.


    As they say in Possibility Management, “Your mind is yours to play with and make into whatever you want."



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    Thoughtware Upgrade

    Upgrading Standard Human Intelligence Thoughtware (S.H.I.T)








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    What you mind is made out of.

    A Thoughtmap is an energetic diagram showing the relationship and the flow of power between factors.


    Get a new Map and you get a new world.


    Possibility Management only exists to produce more effective results.


    There is a Map that shows the relationship between Thoughtmaps and how they relate to creating new Results. It is called the Map of Changed Results where you can see that new results come from making new actions. It would be a form of insanity to think that you could get new results by continuing your same actions! New Actions are produced when you make new conscious or unconscious decisions to act. Making new decisions is based on having new options to choose from. New options come from new Thoughtmaps. And new Thoughtmaps come from new Context. From the Map of Changed Results you can see that instead of working on the level of trying to change your habitual actions you can go directly to the level of Thoughtmaps. Making a small change in your Thoughtmaps can produce a significant change in your Results.



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    Learn to Protect your Attention

    Your attention is the only resources you have to work with: cherish it!


    Most of what we would call the Work is the practice of paying attention to your attention, to notice where you attention goes, what you attention in hooked by, what are the consequences of putting your attention here or there, splitting your attention, etc... Your attention is your primary tool without which you cannot work on anything else, because how could you if you do not free attention to work with...?


    Your attention is so valuable for corporations and governments that you have be taught to not cherish it. Your attention is constantly contaminated with advertisements, pop-up windows, auto-play on YouTube and Netflix, the taxes you have to pay, how your children are thought of in school, on and on and on,...


    Do you know the saying? Where your attention goes, your energy flows. If they have your attention, they have your money, your center and the ability to manipulate you do to what they want, not what you want.



    Go walk through a shopping mall or the center of your town and practice to not get "hooked" (to not snap into the storyworld) of any advertisements, shops, restaurants, not anything.

    Keep your eyes open!

    The practice is to let the energy of the things that are trying to hook you to buy something go by you. (For that technique, check out: redcloth.mystrikingly.com)

    Notice with your attention, which advertisements are the most powerful on you, and which are the least. Why?

    Notice when you get hooked, and just start again.

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    Go Through Intellectual Body Self-Surgery

    A list of possible intellectual body self-surgery:

    • Rewire Anger, Fear, Sadness and Joy.
    • Mind Machines
    • Intellectual Black Boxes
  • Emotional Body Contamination

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    Completing Incomplete Emotions

    Emotional Contamination


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    Parent Voices

    "Vile, base, foul!"


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    Corporations and Governments Voices

    "Taste The Feelings" (Coca-Cola), "Yes, We Can" (Obama's campaign), "Because I'm Worth It" (L'Oreal), ...


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    Money Scarcity


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    Mom and Dad Emotions


  • Energetic Body Contamination

  • Because modern culture has no idea about the Energetic Body, we have not been trained or even made aware that we have one and that we can be responsible for taking care of it. The same way that we take care of our physical body by brushing our teeth, taking a shower and feeding it nutritious food.

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    Other People's Energy in Your Personal Bubble of Space

    You can take responsibility for your Personal Bubble of Space





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    Vampire Entity

    To close your energetical café for Vampire Entities and become a Trigger Hunter, do this SPARK.



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    Enmeshed Relationship





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    Prevent Contamination: Spin Your Energetic Body

    The more conscious you become, the more radiant of a Being you become automatically. There are energetic organisms that




  • Archetypal Body Contamination

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    The Divine

  • Gameworld Contamination

  • Money

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    Mix Contexts

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    Mainstream Culture Thoughtware

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    Gremlin Purposes